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Keep Account Holders — and their assets — with your institution while helping them build a financially secure future. InvestiFi’s self-directed investment solution integrates seamlessly into your existing digital banking platform to attract new Account Holders and expand your relationship with existing ones.


InvestiFi your bottom line.

Don’t lose Account Holders’ funds and loyalty to FinTechs and external exchanges when you can give them the tools to build their financial future through an app they a­lready use — yours!

Easy for You

Easy for Them


Our Platforms

Are you missing out on Accounts, money and more?

At InvestFi, we saw a legion of Account Holders hungry to explore investing but denied the access. And a nation of traditional institutions losing capital to FinTech apps. So, we  set out to bring self-directed investing to every Account Holder and every financial institution and bank with a solution that’s secure, scalable and rooted in a “people helping people” mindset.

Our Team

Meet our leadership

We have more than 150 years of combined experience in financial institutions, FinTech, engineering and product development.


10+ years founding and scaling successful companies


17+ years guiding double & triple-digit growth at credit unions and financial firms


17+ years building and enhancing powerful products and teams


17+ years of regulatory, compliance, and financial risk management experience

Director of Product

12+ years in project management across Fortune 500 and startup companies

Head of Compliance

20+ years of experience in compliance, equities and trading

VP Channel Partnerships

25+ years of helping B2C and B2B companies market themselves for success

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