CryptoFi Transforms into InvestiFi, Offering Credit Unions a Truly Complete Self-Directed Investing Solution

January 31, 2024


CryptoFi, a leading provider of Crypto as a Service (CaaS) for credit unions, is thrilled to announce its dynamic transformation into InvestiFi. This exciting rebranding marks a significant milestone for the company on its journey to revolutionize the credit union industry. By offering a comprehensive self-directed investing suite for credit union Members, InvestiFi provides investment options that meet the growing demand for diversification, including stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Recognizing the pressing need for credit unions to combat Member and deposit outflows to neo-banks and online exchanges, InvestiFi continues to transform the industry’s landscape. Thanks to online investment platforms, credit unions face declining membership acquisition and retention, as well as diminishing assets under management. InvestiFi’s groundbreaking solution ensures that Member assets (and relationships) remain in-house.

“We are thrilled to announce the rebranding of CryptoFi to InvestiFi.” said Kian Sarreshteh, CEO of InvestiFi. “This transformation marks a significant milestone for our company and reflects our commitment to empowering credit unions with innovative and in-house investment solutions. We are excited about the opportunities that InvestiFi will bring to our clients and their Members, enabling them to stay ahead in an ever-changing financial landscape.”

InvestiFi differentiates itself by caring deeply about the financial future of credit union Members. The platform facilitates trading that occurs entirely within Members’ digital banking platform, eliminating the need to transfer funds to external exchanges. This unique solution helps credit unions democratize access to a broad range of traditional and emerging investment assets. Additionally, InvestiFi provides white-label informational and educational resources that help Members make informed decisions, fostering Member loyalty to their credit unions.

“While undergoing this exhilarating rebranding journey, we want to assure our valued partners that our unyielding mission remains absolute,” said Sean Coonce, CTO of InvestiFi. “Our commitment to empowering credit unions with cutting-edge investment solutions and delivering exceptional service remains unwavering. The rebranding to InvestiFi signifies more than just a new name; it exemplifies our tireless devotion to consistently enhancing our offerings and fostering our members’ financial triumph. Fear not. As InvestiFi, we will steadfastly focus on propelling credit unions towards success in the ever-evolving investment landscape.”

By partnering with InvestiFi, credit unions secure their pivotal role in Members’ lives by offering a comprehensive self-directed investment solution.

For more information about InvestiFi and its broad range of investment options for credit unions, please contact InvestiFi Vice President, Rob Robinson at

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